Dileep's new look

Jan 21, 2008 NR

'Dileep's New Look' perhaps won't make a news headline because Dileep has been doing it all the time. The enterprising actor has tried a wide range of get-ups in his many films, and very successfully too. From Kalyanaraman to Kunjikoonan, from Chanthupottu to Chakkaramuththu, Dileep has always been trying to re-invent himself again and again in newer and newer get-ups. And now to add to this list, here he comes again donning a brand new look in Mulla, directed by friend and hit-maker Lal Jose.

Lal, who had given Dileep some of his career best films like Meesha Madhavan and Chanthupottu, now casts Dileep in the title role in Mulla, the shoot for which is currently in progress. Dileep plays a very different kind of character in the film, which has been scripted by Sindhuraj. An inhabitant of a colony where criminals, thieves, prostitutes and pimps live, Mulla is someone who engages in all kinds of shady activities.

The role may very well prove lucky for Dileep, who has been having a lean phase of late. With a tonsured head and a rough look, Dileep looks totally different in the film and has debutante heroine Meeranandan playing opposite to him. There is an impressive array of other popular artists too among the cast. Produced under the banner of Sagar Balaji Productions, the film is scheduled for release in April.

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