'English' is Malayali Diaspora's experiences in a Western metro: Ajayan Venugopalan

Sep 19, 2012 NR

Ajayan Venugopalan who is the scriptwriter for Shyamaprasad’s upcoming movie ‘English’ tells that ‘English’ narrates the various facets of Malayali Diaspora’s experiences in a Western metro.

The movie tells the story of four Malayalis who have varied impressions about the city of London. Ajayan adds that his life in the US has inspired him in creating the story and characters of ‘English’. “The characters are fictional but their experiences are very close to what we as expatriates experience living in any city in Europe or America”, says Ajayan.

Ajayan Venugopalan rose to fame as the co-director and scriptwriter of YouTube comedy series ‘Akkarakazhchakal’, which talked about the life of the Malayali Diaspora in the United States.

The movie casts Jayasurya, Nivin Pauly, Mukesh, and Nadiya Moidu in the lead roles.

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