Geetha Vijayan to play Maya again

Jan 23, 2009 NR

Geetha Vijayan, the actress who made her debut playing the heroine in the Siddique-Lal directed blockbuster In Harihar Nagar, is reportedly acting in the sequel too.

The actress will once again appear as Maya, the same character that she played in the original. The sequel, 2 Harihar Nagar, will of course not be accommodating her as the heroine. That slot in the sequel will go to Lakshmi Rai.

The four heroes of the original will appear as who they were, namely Mukesh as Mahadevan, Jagadeesh as Appukuttan, Siddique as Govindankutty and Ashokan as Thomaskutty. Directed by Lal, 2 Harihar Nagar is fast progressing at Kochi and is likely to be released this summer. For Geetha Vijayan, who had almost been signed off as an actress, this is a sort of comeback. All the best to you Geetha!

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