I know to say 'No': Asif Ali

Mar 9, 2011 NR

Cochin, Mar.9 (NR): Actor Asif Ali says that there is nothing wrong with saying 'No' to a director, if the actor feels that he is not suited for the role being offered.

Asif says he had one such experience recently when he was offered the role of a police officer by a famous director. Since he felt that he couldn't do justice to the role, Asif had to say 'No'. But he admits that there are people who believe that what he did was wrong.

Asif also feels that the young stars in Malayalam cinema are often falsely branded as being a proud lot. And the films too contribute to the belief, since the portrayal of the new generation in films is anything but close to reality.

Asif is currently busy shooting for 'Salt 'n Pepper' and 'Violin'. Click the Movie button below for more info:
Salt n' Pepper


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