Ilaiyaraja has no right to criticize ONV: Hariharan

Nov 27, 2009 NR

Cochin, Nov.27 (NR): Director Hariharan who was talking to a Malayalam channel lashed out against music director Ilaiyaraja who had recently commented that ONV's lyrics for the film were not up to the mark.

Ilaiyaraja knows little about Malayalam literature to make such comments against ONV. Who is he to decide that Pazhassi Raja was disturbed by having been forced to wander around in the forest? Pazhassi was in the mood for battle, and the song 'Aadiyusha Sandhya' clearly reflects his mood. Both the writer and the director of the film were very much satisfied with ONV's lyrics, Hariharan said.

If at all the music director had some differences im opinion, he should have voiced them at the time of composition and not now, Hariharan added. Click the Movie button below for more info:
Pazhassi Raja

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