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Sep 1, 2008 NR

Priyanka may not have done too many films. But this actress, with just a handful of films to her credit, is indeed a lucky person. She had the fortune of acting in a couple of very sensitive films, namely Veyil in Tamil and Vilaapangalkkappuram in Malayalam.

Priyanka, who began as a television actress, soon became popular among television viewers, but nobody would perhaps have thought that this young actress had the histrionic capabilities to portray such sensitive characters as she did in these films.

Here's Priyanka, speaking about her films and experiences to

So, how did you come to act in Veyil?

It was the noted cinematographer Alagappan, who is also a family friend of ours, who introduced me to Vasanth Balan, the director of Veyil. He himself took me to meet the director, and that's how Veyil happened.

How was it like, acting in the film?

Doing the film was a very memorable kind of experience. The director, who has proved himself to be a sensitive artist, helped me in all ways possible. He'd himself act out the scenes, and show me how to do them. And he was very patient too. Doing Veyil was a very different kind of experience.

Though your first Malayalam film Kichamani MBA didn't do well, T.V. Chandran's Vilaapangalkkappuram seems to be all set to get you much acclaim. Those who have seen the preview screenings are all praise for your performance. How did Vilaapangalkkappuram happen?

It was again Alagappan who mentioned my name to the director T.V. Chandran, who was on the look out for someone to do the lead role in his film. And then he saw some clippings of Veyil and selected me for the role.

Tell us about your character in Vilaapangalkkappuram.

In the film I play Sahira, a girl born and brought up in Gujarat, whose father is a Malayalee. She leads a happy and peaceful life along with her parents and her younger sister. But things change suddenly. The Gujarat riots change the course of her life altogether.

Share with us your experience of doing the film.

It was more than a film for me. I would never be able to forget the experience. Sahira is a character that touched my heart. And during the making of the film, we happened to meet many women who had traumatic experiences in Gujarat and who still continue to live with haunting memories of those experiences. The film was much much more than a mere experience. It was an eye-opener of sorts.

What's your next venture?

I am doing a very interesting role in a Tamil film, Varnam Partha Seemayile. And I am also playing a key role in T.V. Chandran's next film. In the Tamil film I am playing a shepherdess while in the T.V. Chandran's film I am playing an athlete, a long jumper to be precise. Totally different kinds of roles, and I am really thrilled about these films.

So, how do you rate yourself as an actress? And what are your future ambitions?

I am just a beginner. Of course I have been lucky enough to get good films like Veyil and Vilaapangalkkappuram, but it won't be fair at this stage to make an assessment of myself as an actress. I have still to learn much. And as for my ambitions as an actress, I would love to do more of such meaty roles and I want to be dedicated to my profession.

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