Jayaram speaks about the ups and downs in his career

Oct 11, 2007 NR

Jayaram has till a year or so ago been a hot favourite with family audiences and also with the youth. But for quite some time now this talented actor hasn't had any hits worth talking about. Some of his films have been getting unduly delayed too. Jayaram, who had a pretty good fan following in Tamil, hasn't been getting too many offers there either.

However, this enthusiastic and ever-cheerful actor has reasons to be happy. In spite of the dip in his career graph, he hasn't been idle. Producers and directors still have faith in him and are ready to bank on him. He has continued to do the lead role in films though not as frequently as earlier.

Judging by the popularity that Jayaram's earlier films still continue to have among the people, it is hoped that this actor's career takes a U-turn, and that he bounces back again with the kind of hits he had to his credit before. In a recent interview given to Unni Nair of nowrunning.com, Jayaram speaks about the ups and downs in his career and also about his forthcoming projects. Excerpts:

Your films haven't been doing well for quite some time. And some of your well-made films like Pouran, Uttaman etc too proved to be failures. How would you account for this dip in your career graph?

To some extent, my wrong choice of films and characters harmed my career. I should have paid more attention to this aspect. About well-made films like Uttaman and Pouran not doing well, it should be remembered that these films got unduly delayed. This affected the marketing of the films, which is the reason they didn't do well. But those who got to see those films liked them. I am confident that things are going to change, especially since I have decided to be more careful in selecting films and roles. Trends too have been changing over the years. People don't like to see the old kind of family flicks any more. Entertainers are the order of the day.

You sound very confident. Looks like you are determined to make things work again?

Very much so. I have decided that I should concentrate on doing films that people have always expected from me. I have decided to concentrate on entertainers for the time being at least – on films that have a mass appeal. I am sure that if I do the kind of films that my admirers have always liked, things would again start working for me. That's why I am so very confident.

Which are your forthcoming films in Malayalam?

At present I am acting in East Coast Vijayan's Novel. Sada is the heroine. I am doing a very interesting kind of role in the film. My character Sethunath, a family man, finds himself at a totally unexpected turning point in his life when a young girl named Priya enters his life. An interesting role. I am sure people would love the character and the film too.

And which are the other films that you are to do soon?

I am doing a film named Salaam Cochin, to be directed by debutante Shaji Jackson who had been an associate to Rafi-Mecartin and Anwar Rasheed. It's a mix of action and humour. And there is also the Babu Cherthala-directed Plastic Surgery, which too would have hilarious comedy.

Any films in Tamil?

Yes. I have been doing a key role in Dhaam Dhoom, the film directed by the late Jeeva, which is yet to be completed. And I am also to do a film directed by Karu Pazhaniyappan, in which I would have a key role along with Cheran.

There was a time when you acted in memorable films like those directed by Padmarajan, Bharathan etc. Do you miss those times?

Sure I do. It was Padmarajan Sir who made me an actor from a mere mimicry star. Bharathettan was a gem of a person and a versatile genius. I liked working with them and I do indeed miss those times. I have also enjoyed working with directors like Kamal, Sathyan Anthikkad, Rajasenan etc. Padmarajan Sir and Bharathettan are of course no more and I am so sorry I may never again get to play the kind of roles they gave me. But the type of films that I made with Kamal, Sathyan Anthikkad and Rajasenan can still be made again, and that would really be good in all respects.

What's your ultimate ambition as an actor?

I would just like to go on doing as many roles as I can get, without letting success get into my head. And my prayer to God always is that people, who have always made success stories of my films, continue to render their wholehearted encouragement.

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