Journey back to Harihar Nagar

Jan 21, 2009 NR

Eighteen long years after they thrilled the audience with their hilarious performance in the blockbuster In Harihar Nagar, actors Jagdish, Mukesh, Siddique and Ashokan join together again on the sets of the film's sequel, To Harihar Nagar.

While the first film was directed by the Siddique-Lal team, the sequel has Lal alone doing the direction. After the duo separated, Lal had gone on to establish himself as an actor, producer, distributor and studio owner. The sequel will be Lal's return vehicle to the role of director. Lal himself does the script for the film.

Apart from the foursome, the cast also includes Salim Kumar, Janardhanan, Majeed, Chali Pala, Narayanankutty, Kochupreman, Lakshmi Rai, Rogini, Reena Safir, Lena etc. Venu does the camera work for the film, while Sajan does the editing. Lyrics composed by Bichu Thirumala are set to music by Alex Paul. The film is being produced by Lal and PN Venugopal under the banner of Lal Creations and PNV Associates, and will be brought to the theatres by Lal Release.

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