Karnan: Joshey's Mohanlal Starrer on the anvil

May 1, 2008 NR

Joshi, the maker of many mega-hits and super-star Mohanlal are to come together again in Karnan. The two have teamed up many times earlier, delivering hits as well as misses. Karnan is in the discussion stage for the present. To be produced under the banner of Sree Uththrittathi Films by Sasi Ayyanchira, Karnan will feature script by A.K. Sajan, who has scripted many hits and is a director as well.

Karnan will take off only after Mohanlal has finished his present assignments, mainly the B.Unnikrishnan-directed Madambi and the Major Ravi-directed Kargil.

Karnan would in all probability be a film worth waiting for. We'll be there with more news as things begin happening.

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