Kavya becomes college lecturer

Jun 6, 2007 NR

Kavya Madhavan has essayed all kinds of roles and has won the hearts of people and gathered numerous awards and accolades in the process. But this one is going to be a new role for her. For the first time this young actress is going to play the role of a college lecturer. Kavya will be playing a lecturer named Annie in Nasrani, directed by hit-maker Joshy. Scripted by Ranjith, the film also sees Kavya starring opposite Mammootty for the first time.

She has to play a rather mature and not-so-youngish kind of role in the film. This may not go down well with those fans of the actress who have been used to seeing her in youngish roles only. It's time however, to let the actress grow up and since it is Joshi who is directing the film, Kavya will most certainly do full justice to her role and appease her fans and also succeed in effecting a change of image. The film will start rolling next week in and around Kottayam and Pala.

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