Kavya is Going Great Guns!

May 27, 2008 NR

Kavya Madhavan is happy on many counts. The year 2007 was indeed a good year for the actress. She did a very meaty dual role in Naadiya Kollapetta Rathri; she got to act in an Adoor Gopalakrishnan film, and above all she remained as active as she has always been in Malayalam Cinema. And now, 2008 too proves to be equally eventful for this talented actress. On the one hand her Tamil movie, Sadhu Mirandaa saw her making her presence felt in Tamil Nadu. On the other hand she has penned a song for a movie, One Way Ticket, thus adding to her achievements at this young age. And now, she is playing heroine to Mohanlal for the first time, although she had earlier done supporting roles in Mohanlal films. On the personal front, Kavya had been busy building her new house, which is now complete.

Here's Kavya sharing her happiness with nowRrunning.com, in a telephonic interview done recently. Excerpts:

So, you seem to be quite happy these days?

Sure. I have always been happy.

2007 seems to have been a good year for you.

It certainly was, and I am happy about that. Naadiya Kollappetta Rathri won me much appreciation. Kangaroo was a success. And Adoor sir's Naalu Pennungal was a rare experience for me. And by the end of the year I did the Tamil film Sadhu Mirandaa, which however was released only in 2008. It was a good year for me, as an actress.

And what's up in 2008?

This year too seems good for me. Sadhu Mirandaa was released this year and my work in the film was appreciated. My new house is now complete. A song penned by me has been included in the film One Way Ticket. And I am also going to act opposite 'Lalettan' (Mohanlal) and Mammookka (Mammootty) for the first time.

Coming to that, you have been in films for quite a long time and have acted alongside Mohanlal and Mammootty. Then why the delay in donning the female lead opposite Mohanlal or Mammootty?

I had begun as a child actress in the industry and there are still people who see me as kind of a childish artist. And hence naturally there would be many who wouldn't like to see me opposite Mammookka and Lalettan. I had acted with both of them earlier, and with Mammookka I had even acted as a child artist. So, the transformation naturally needed time. Another aspect to this is that I always wanted to do a meaty role when I got the chance to act opposite either Lalettan or Mammookka. Now I am happy I got such roles acting opposite Lalettan in Madambi and opposite Mammookka in Pattanaththil Bhootham. The wait was worth it.

Madambi has already begun. Tell us about your character in the film.

I am playing Jayalakshmi, who comes to Ilavattam village as a Bank Manager. It's the village where Gopalakrishna Pillai, played by Lalettan, lives and rules the hearts of people. Jayalakshmi has a very crucial role to play in the development of the plot and hence I am really happy about the film and my role it.

Coming to One Way Ticket, tell us about the song you have penned for the film.

It's actually one among the songs that I had penned for an album. The song begins as "En Khalbilulloru pennaanu…" and is an 'Oppana' song rendered by Vidhu Prathap and composed by Arun-Anoop.

It was earlier heard that you would be acting in One Way Ticket. But now you are no longer in the film. Why so?

Of course I had been offered the role of the heroine in the film. Due to certain reasons I couldn't act in the film.

Which are your forthcoming films?

Twenty Twenty, Madambi, Pattanaththil Bhootham and Kalabhamazha.

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