Kerala Police cracks the whip on piracy

Sep 10, 2012 NR

The Anti Piracy Cell of Kerala police has registered a case against more than 1000 persons for uploading and viewing the pirated version of Malayalam movie ‘Bachelor Party’ on internet. The state police claimed that this was the biggest crackdown on internet piracy of an Indian film.

The police took action on the basis of a complaint filed by a Thrissur based firm Movie Channel which bought the video CD, DVD rights of the film. Police traced the IP addresses of the viewers by using the software tool Agent Jadoo developed by the film maker and actor Prakash Bare.

It is reported that almost 30,000 persons have viewed ‘Bachelor Party’ illegally on internet and out of these, the IP addresses of more than 1000 were identified. Police expects to make arrests in the coming days.

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