Lalu vs Thugs

Jan 13, 2008 NR

Lal Jose, lovingly called Lalu by friends, had to come face-to-face with thugs and then with cops in real life, following an incident that happened on the sets of his forthcoming Dileep-starrer Mulla in Palakkad. Almost having the scheduled shoot last Tuesday, Lalu and team decided to go in for a passing shot of a car before saying 'pack up'.

Just as they were going about the business, they happened to see two locals sitting on a parked bike just behind the car they wanted to shoot. The request for moving a bit from there led first to protestations and then reportedly to the use of bad language and even a bit of fisticuffs. Lalu's shirt-pocket was torn in the tussle and his purse fell to the ground. Later, with people intervening, things started settling down, but by that time the two bike-borne thugs had disappeared. And Lalu's purse was nowhere to be seen too.

Lal Jose then went to the Police Station and lodged a complaint. Since the purse had two of his ATM cards along with the PIN number of one of the cards (since it was a new one), he arranged for the cards to be disabled the next morning. But whoever got the cards had by then used one of them twice to draw Rs. 20,000 each time totaling 40,000. The Police reportedly are on the trail of the thugs.

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