'Melvilasam' to neither have songs nor a heroine

Dec 7, 2010 NR

Trivandrum, Dec.7 (NR): 'Melvilasam', Suresh Gopi's latest film would neither have songs nor a heroine. The entire film would be shot inside a room as well.

'Melvilasam' is based on a play by Soorya Krishnamurthy. Its based on a court martial that takes place in 1974.

The film is being directed by debutant director Madhav Ramadasan. Suresh Gopi and Parthiban would do the lead roles. Parthiban would dub for imself in the film.

Kakka Ravi, Thalaivasal Vijay, Ashokan, Krishnakumar and V K Baiju would lend support. The film is being shot at the University Men's Hostel at Trivandrum.

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