Muzafir Ali hasn't seen all the films during the Panorama selection: Gautham Bhaskar

Nov 26, 2009 NR

Panaji, Nov. 26 (NR): The 'Pazhassi Raja' controversy regarding Muzafir Ali's comments regarding the historical film had a new twist when Jury Member, Gautham Bhaskar revealed that the Jury Chairman hasn't seen all the films that were sent across for selection.

Gautham said that its due to the insistence of Muzafir Ali that 'Pazhassi Raja' and 'Kerala Cafe' did not find a place in the Indian Panorama.

According to Gautham, Muzafir was out of station for four days while the screening was going on. Muzafir also insisted that M S Sathyu's Kannada film be included in the Panorama list. He had also disregarded the opinion of the majority of the Jury members that 'Pazhassi Raja' and 'Kerala Cafe' be included, using the casting vote.

Another Jury member had apparently gone abroad during the screenings with DVDs of the films. Gautham said that it's extremely difficult to believe that Jury member's claims that he watched the DVDs in a car.

Gautham was interacting with the media from Kerala. Click the Movie button below for more info:
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