My best is yet to come: Suresh Gopi

Jan 23, 2010 Sanu George

Thiruvananthapuram, Jan 23 (IANS) He may be 50 and one of Malayalam cinema's reigning superstars but Suresh Gopi says his best is yet to come.

The worst is over, asserted the Malayalam actor, who has seen many ups and downs in his career and life. He lost a daughter, himself servive a train accident and was seriously injured when a sword pierced his leg while shooting opposite Mammootty.

Accidents, he recalled, had always been a part of his life. It had all been predicted long before and had come true.

"And that's why I say my worst times are over and the stage has already been set for the best of my times. Of course, I can feel that I am going on a track of glory... wait and watch... everyone will be taken by surprise," Gopi told IANS in a chat at his plush residence here.

Just back from location shooting on the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border and nursing his aching back, the 50-year-old is currently filming "Rama Ravanam".

"I have just finished applying an ayurvedic medicine on my back because I was doing a fight sequence for 'Rama Ravanam'. The terrain was rocky and it was a tough act and now I have to take care of my body before I begin my next film," said Gopi, who has given hits like "Thalastanam" (1992), "Ekalavyan" (1993) and "Commissioner" (1994).

When asked how he would survive in the highly competitive Malayalam film industry at his age, he shot back saying "artistes don't grow old, instead they grow younger".

"It is at this stage and age that people put things in perspective; they make mature decisions. All of us make mistakes and one learns from the bitter lessons of the past," he said.

Gopi turned silent when asked about his future projects. He said one of the lessons he had learnt the hard way was to keep mum about future projects.

"Why should I announce to the world what my projects are? When the appropriate time will come, everyone will know about them," he said.

"I am a person with no desperation and I live on hope, but the difference is that I do not compromise on hope. An artiste like me can never be satisfied because it is the dissatisfaction that helps me grow and achieve what I want to," he added.

Apart from acting, Gopi plans to set up a cattle farm on his sprawling property in Tirunelveli.

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