Navya opening up about the present phase in her career.

Feb 14, 2008 NR

Navya Nair, the actress whose first films Ishtam and Nandanam were instant hits, is not very active in Malayalam Cinema these days. She has been doing some good roles in Tamil and at present, is shooting for the Malayalam film Kavyam, which may do good for her acting career, especially since it has a well-worked script and offers her a meaty role. The film is to a very large extent issue-based and heroine-oriented as well. Here's Navya opening up about the present phase in her career.

You haven't been very active in Malayalam for some time. You had performed commendably in such films as Ishtam, Nandanam, Kalyanaraman, Kunjikoonan etc. Then why this detachment?

There is no question of being detached from Malayalam Cinema in any way. I have always been here. It's only that for some time I haven't been getting the kind of roles that I love doing or that I feel comfortable with. Now that I got a really good role in Kavyam, here I am.

So, what is Kavyam all about?

It's a film which focuses on the Namboothiri community. At the same time it addresses socially relevant issues like commercialization, status of women etc. The film has a well-written script and well worked-out characters - that's what makes Kavyam special.

Tell us about your role in the film?

I am playing the role of Umadevi, a young woman belonging to the Namboothiri community. Umadevi is a victim of fate in many ways, but she bravely faces the hurdles that come her way. Hers is a very powerful character. I would even say that the heroine of the film gets as much prominence as the hero, played by Suresh Gopi.

You have been quite active in Tamil of late. How did you land up in Tamil?

After films like Ishtam, Nandanam, Kunjikoonan etc, I started getting many offers from Tamil. But I decided that if at all I am going to act in a film in another language, it would be a role worth talking about. It was then that Azhagiya Theeye came my way. The director Radhamohan and Prakash Raj too spoke much about the character and I felt sure that here was the film which I was looking for. So, that was it.

And now, how are things going in Tamil?

I did the T.V.Chandran-directed Aadum Koothu, where I was cast opposite Cheran. It was an offbeat film and my work was liked by everyone who got to see the film. It was a rather complex kind of film and a difficult character too. Then I did Mayakannadi last year with Cheran. Recently I completed Jayaraj's Sila Nerangalil, in which I am acting with Vincent Ashokan. Vineeth is also playing a key role in the film.

Tell us about your role in the film.

In the film I play a blind girl. All that I can say for now is that it is a character that gave me much scope for performance and I liked doing the film a lot. Hope people accept it in the same way as they have accepted my earlier films.

What about your Kannada film Gaja? How is it doing?

It's doing well. Gaja is actually a well-made commercial flick with all the necessary ingredients, and reports say it is still going well with the audience.

So, what next?

I have got some good offers in Tamil after Kavyam, very interesting ones. One is by Simbudevan and another is opposite Jeyam Ravi. There is also a film by Samudrakani. I am also getting some offers from Malayalam. Let me see if it works out.

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