New film, produced by NRKs for NRKs

Jun 2, 2007 IANS

Thiruvananthapuram, June 2 (IANS) Malayalam film "Thaniya" (Alone), produced by a group of non-resident Keralites (NRKs) and releasing next month, will strike a chord with many NRKs who go abroad planning to return soon but cannot.

Produced by an NRK organisation, Friends of Thiruvalla in Doha, "Thaniya" is the story of a rich father, who owns an estate in the picturesque resort town of Munnar in Idukki district, and his son. The father, played by ace character actor Nedumudi Venu, wants his only son to become a doctor and build a hospital in his hometown to treat the needy there.

The son becomes a doctor, goes to the US for further studies, but decides not to return and settles there.

When the rich man hears the news that his son is not returning, he falls ill. A nurse takes care of him at home.

The film ends with Venu being taken to an old-age home by his son, who converts the estate into a tourist resort.

The film's director Babu Thiruvalla said when he broached this story line to his friends in Doha; they immediately agreed to produce the film, because they have been encountering the same problem in Thiruvalla town in central Kerala where many parents are left alone as their children work abroad.

Thiruvalla has a large number of old-age homes.

"This is my debut film as a director, though I have produced five films. This theme interested me and I got in touch with Venu who also agreed instantly. We wrote the screenplay and dialogues together," Thiruvalla told reporters here Saturday.

Said Venu, who excels in the role of an estate owner: "For me as actor, the real joy comes in (seeing) how effectively I have conveyed the message to the audience and I am certain that this is one film which would be close to my heart."

The film has been produced on a shoestring budget and it remains to be seen if there are any takers for a film with emphasis on theme and script.

"I am not unduly worried because we strongly feel that there are going to be takers for this product and all film-goers who love good cinema would come to watch it," added Thiruvalla.

But Venu feels that the government should come forward to promote good cinema.

"'Saira', the Malayalam entry at this year's Cannes Film Festival, is one such film, where it did not get the audience as expected here. The state owned Kerala State Film Development Corporation has a job to do and they have to seriously promote good cinema. Film appreciation should take place in the educational institutions," said Venu who played the lead role in "Saira".

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