No plans to do serious films for a while: Saji Surendran

Nov 9, 2010 NR

Trivandrum, Nov.9 (NR): Director Saji Surendran whose latest film 'Four Friends' has evoked a mixed response among the audience has specified the reasons behind the diverse reactions to his film.

'People who had seen my comedy films had come to the theatres expecting a comedy film, and were surprised with what they saw. Maybe this is why the initial responses to the film were not up to the mark,' Saji said.

Saji was intearcting with the media at a press conference held here. Script writer Krishna Poojappura was also present.

Krishna Poojappura said that nobody has said that 'Four Friends' is a bad film. After the initial slow response, the film has gained momentum, and is becoming a hit, he added.

Saji also said that he would take a break from making serious films for a while. He is all set to start his next film that would have Megastar Mammootty in the lead role. Click the Movie button below for more info:
Four Friends

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