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Aug 25, 2007 NR

Director Shyamaprasad of Agnisakshi fame, who had also made Kallu Kondoru Pennu, Bokshu the Myth and Akale plus many well-acclaimed tele-films and some tele-serials, is all set to release his latest venture Ore Kadal. Produced by Vindhyan under the banner of Rasika Entertainments, Ore Kadal has Mammootty, Meera Jasmine and Naren in key roles and is almost ready for release.

The director, who is at present President, Programmes in Amrita TV, speaks about his film in detail in this free-wheeling interview with Unni Nair of nowrunning.com. Excerpts:

What is Ore Kadal all about?

Ore Kadal, which could very well be called an extension of my earlier films, is all about relationships. The film delves into the realm of marriage and examines relationships from a totally new angle. The main characters of the film are played by Mammootty, Meera Jasmine and Naren. Mammootty plays Nathan, a professor of economics and Meera becomes Deepthi, a housewife and a mother, who is drawn towards Nathan. The film takes a peep into the minds of Nathan and Deepthi and also focuses on the guilt feeling that keeps gnawing at Deepthi's heart. The film puts the spotlight on the institution of marriage and examines what it is that holds a marital relationship intact. It's a story of our times and focuses on the changes that happen in our lives and about relationships in this era of globalization.

Is this again an adaptation of a literary work?

Yes. It is an adaptation of the Bengali novel Heerak Deepthi by Sunil Gangopadhyay.

Almost all your works, including those on television, have been based on well-known literary works. Why do you go after works of literature and not write a story yourself?

I am not a writer. I prefer to adapt well-known literary works of noted writers for my television and cinema productions, so that the viewers too get a chance to explore the literary works from the perspective of the visual media.

What is your primary concern when you adapt a work of literature for the visual media?

I try to remain as true to the literary work as possible. There would of course be minor changes especially because the stories are to be fitted into a new medium. I make my films basically for those who haven't yet read the literary works. That's the reason I try to remain as true to the literary work as possible.

Coming back to Ore Kadal, could you elaborate on the title?

The title of the film is a reference to the sea of relationships, complex and subtle. It also is a reference to the storms that batter the mind of the heroine.

It's heard you have given much importance to music in the film. Could you elaborate?

That's true. Music has an important part in the film. It is absolutely necessary since music could be very effective in portraying the complexities of relationships. Ouseppachan has delivered the right kind of music for the film. I would also like to mention the cinematography by Azhagappan, which enhances the mood of the film as a whole.

What do you have to say about the performance of the various actors?

The lead players have all given spectacular performances. Real sterling performances, I would say.

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