Prithviraj : Relishing the sweet success of Chocolate

Oct 27, 2007 NR

Chocolate is a hit, a film that almost everyone likes to see. And one person who is basking in the success of the film is Prithviraj, one of the luckiest young actors in the Malayalam film industry. Though he's had his share of flops, he has been lucky with Chocolate, which is doing commendably well when even super-star releases are finding the going hard. Credited as a wholesome family entertainer, Chocolate is running houseful when all other films released alongside have fared rather poorly at the box office.

Prithviraj's performance in Chocolate has been appreciated much. As the lone male student in an all women's college, he has done a marvelous job and has excelled in all the situations in the film - humorous ones, sentimental ones, dramatic ones et al. The character has given Prithviraj the scope to act out a wide range of emotions and he has done it with style, making youngsters go crazy about him. Prithviraj, who recently had a Tamil release too - the Vasanth-directed Satham Podathey - is all smiles while talking to Unni Nair of Excerpts-

So, how do you feel after Chocolate?

I had felt an inexpressible kind of energy and enthusiasm during the shooting of the film itself. The story, the concept, the script breathed energy and I felt and shared that energy at every point in the film's making - during shooting, during dubbing and even now, when the film has been released and accorded a very warm welcome. I am happy that people of all ages and from all places have been enjoying the film.

What in your opinion is the secret of the film's success?

First and foremost the novelty of the subject and the presentation, the treatment. A lone male student in all all-women's college – now who would have thought of that? The packaging too worked well. The colourful ambience of the film, the youthfulness, the songs, the choreography, the characterization, excellent script work - everything worked in favour of the film. Above all, Chocolate gives you what you've come to expect from a Shafi film - pure entertainment.

Did you expect the film to be a hit?

I definitely did. As I told you, I had been all enthused and excited even when the film was being shot. I was sure that it would work wonders. Everyone related to the film had the feeling that it was going to strike the right chord and that it would be a big hit. Even before the film was released we got very strong and positive responses following the preview screening.

You have excelled in comic situations too in the film. Tell us about that?

The comedy in Chocolate is actually comedy that is integral to the plot and hence for me or for any of my co-actors the humour in our performance would come all naturally. It was all there in the script and we didn't have to put anything in.

How did your recent Tamil film Satham Podathey fare?

It was received well, though it is not a big hit. It is a very different kind of film, one that I enjoyed doing very much. My character in the film had some peculiarities and that is what attracted me to the film, plus of course the subject. It was a wonderful experience, doing the film with so acclaimed a director as Vasanth.

Which are your forthcoming films in Tamil?

Kannamoochi Ennada, directed by Priya, is slated to be released during Deepavali. It's a very interesting and lovable kind of film. Sandhya acts opposite to me and Sathyaraj and Radhika are doing key roles in the film. I am also acting in Vellithira, which is a remake of Udayanaanu Thaaram.

And which are your forthcoming films in Malayalam?

I am at present doing Thalappavu, directed by Madhupal. It's a very interesting and relevant subject, one that is based on real incidents to a very great extent. It is the story that takes the upper hand in the film and not the characters. I am also doing Kangaroo, an entertainer directed by Raj Babu, who had earlier done Chess. It's again a colourful and entertaining kind of film, a hilarious one I should say.

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