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Feb 24, 2007 NR

Prithviraj has had many ups and downs in his career so far. While his debut film Nandanam was awaiting release, his second film Nakshatrakannulla Rajakumaran Avanundoru Rajakumari got released first and bombed miserably. And then came Nandanam, which did pretty well at the box office.

Prithviraj was hailed by many as the new star on the horizon. Many noted directors signed him on. But his films kept bombing at the box office. Prithviraj then made a foray into Tamil where he proved a success with films like Kana Kandein and Parijaatham. In Malayalam too he did prove his mettle with films like Stop Violence, Vargam, Swapnakoodu, Vaasthavam, Anandabhadram etc. But most of his films fared badly at the box office, and he began to be considered as one of those unsuccessful young stars of Malayalam.

Then came Classmates, which created a sensation at the box office. Prithviraj did wonderfully well in the film. His performance as well as those of his co-stars was well received and well-appreciated. But success was short-lived and his subsequent films failed to draw in the crowds. Nevertheless, Prithviraj, the younger son of the late actor Sukumaran and actress Mallika Sukumaran, recently won the coveted State Award for the Best actor for 2006 for his performance in Vaasthavam, directed by Padmakumar.

Prithviraj talks about the award, his reaction to it and other things in a recent interview given to Unni Nair of Excerpts:

Congratulations! How do you feel having received the award?

Thank you. Winning the award was a great surprise for me. A very pleasant one to be sure. Needless to say I feel extremely happy.

Didn't you expect the award?

No. Not at all. I didn't even know that Vaasthavam was there for the award selection or that my name was likely to be among those to be considered for the State Award. And when all this was happening I was away in Chennai busy with a Tamil film.

There have been some controversies about your winning the award. How would you react to some of controversial statements doing the rounds?

Everyone has the right to voice his or her opinions and to make statements. They may even be right in their perspective. It's all a matter of perspective. The jury, in their perspective, found me eligible for this award and they chose me. That's all. I wouldn't compare myself with the senior actors there are around. I am not competent to compete with them for the award. They have all proven themselves on the national and international level. I am just a beginner compared to them. I am just happy that a youngster like me got the award, and I believe that this would encourage more young actors to go for good, serious roles.

Could you share with us your impressions about Vaasthavam, the film that fetched you the State Award?

Vaasthavam is a film that I liked working in. I was interested in it from the time I read the script. And when shooting started, I really enjoyed working in it. My character in the film - that of Balachandran Adiga - is a rather complex one displaying various shades or moods that require great depth of portrayal. When I saw the film after it was complete, I liked it very much. I expected it to do well at the box office, but sadly it didn't. Anyhow I am happy now that the film got the attention of the jury and fetched me this award.

Vaasthavam was your third film with director Padmakumar, after Ammakilikoodu and Vargam. Could you tell us something about your rapport with him?

I was very impressed by him ever since I started working with him in Ammakilikoodu. To be frank, I would even like to say that I have been a kind of student of his and his style of filmmaking. And of course I do share a kind of friendly rapport with him. Having worked with him in three films, I have come to understand to a great degree what he wants from me and he too has come to understand me, my potential and my shortcomings. This makes working together a good experience.

Could you tell us who your favourite directors are in Malayalam?

As I said, I like working a lot with Padmakumar. Providing a list of favourite directors is not easy. I have enjoyed working with all those directors whose films I have done like Lal Jose, Bhadran, Ranjith etc. As for those directors with whom I haven't yet worked, I like Blessy, Rosshan Andrrews, and Anwar Rasheed to name a few.

Which are your forthcoming films?

My next film is Mozhi in Tamil directed by Radha Mohan (who earlier made Azhagiya Theeye) and produced by Prakash Raj's Duet Films. Jyothika is the heroine and Prakash Raj is also doing a key role in the film. I am playing a musician in the film. In Malayalam I have already completed Anantham, directed by Kukku of Oraal fame. The film focuses on a father-son relationship and I play the son Hari. Some other interesting projects too are coming up, both in Tamil and in Malayalam.

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