Producers should decide how much to invest in a film: Mohanlal

Dec 30, 2009 NR

Thiruvananthapuram, Dec.30 (NR): Megastar Mohanlal opined that it was up to the producers to decide how much they would like to invest in a film.

It has become clear that Mohanlal does not agree with the decision taken by the Producers' Association that the production cost of films be restricted to three and a half crores.

His forthcoming film 'Christian Brothers' with director Joshey had run into trouble with the association since it was expected to cross the budget limit.

Mohanlal also said that he would decide his remuneration. However there should be some restriction for other language films being screened in several theaters when Malayalam films were being released, he added.

He was speaking at the Press Club as part of the promotional campaign of his latest film 'Ividam Swargamanu' that had released on Christmas this year.

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