Rajesh Pillai lashes out against 'Traffic' producer

Feb 17, 2011 NR

Cochin, Feb.18 (NR): Director Rajesh Pillai, whose film 'Traffic' is having a dream run at the box office seems to be unhappy with his producer.

Rajesh revealed that he is terribly disappointed with the way his film is being promoted, and says that it has become a hit only because of fantastic word of mouth.

Rajesh said that while some other films that are flops are being brilliantly marketed by producers, his film that is already a bumper hit doesn't even have enough posters for promotions.

He is also disappointed at the poster designs for the film, and said that the posters that are now being used for the film haven't had his approval, since they reveal the twist of the film.

Rajesh was interacting with a national daily when he made his revelations. He concluded by saying that he gets around 500 congratulatory calls per day, of which around eight percent point out the lack of proper promotions. Click the Movie button below for more info:


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