Shankar back on screen with Mohanlal

Oct 17, 2009 NR

Cochin, Oct.17 (NR): Its impossible to forget Shankar and Mohanlal who made their debuts together in a film a few decades back. The film, 'Manjil Virinja Pookal' had launched the career of one of the best actors that Malayalam cinema would ever see.

Years went by, and the villain of Fazil's film wrote a success story of his own. Mohanal went on to become one of biggest stars ever in Malluwood. Shankar on the other hand, literally disappeared from the scene, after a few hits and several other films that sunk without a trace at the box office.

Several years later, Shankar, who had almost vanished from the scene is back. He gets to share the screen with Mohanal in Roshan Andrew's latest film, 'Ividam Swargamanu'.

The sight of these two actors back together after a long while, brings back pleasant memories. The shooting of the film is currently progressing. Click the Movie button below for more info:
Ividam Swargamanu

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