Sound of Boot -Ironic indeed !

Jan 20, 2008 NR

Just give a thought about what all is happening to Shaji Kailas' latest suspense flick titled Sound of Boot. The film which had completed shoot in an amazing 22 days is getting unduly delayed as far as its release is concerned. With Suresh Gopi in the lead, the film, earlier titled Boot, was finished in amazingly short period of time, and was supposed to get released just as fast, much before the Christmas releases arrived. But that was not to be.

The film got entangled in legal tussles regarding the name. Another producer having already registered the name, Shaji Kailas and the producers Pyramid Saimira had to go in for a name change and the film thus became Sound of Boot. And then came the news that it was going to be released on January 11. But the film didn't get released on that date and now it is heard that the makers of Sound of Boot are planning to get it released in February.

The film, which is a suspense thriller, seems to be retaining the element of suspense at least as far as the release is concerned. Let's hope that the film hits the screen in February at least! Bitter irony indeed, for a film that had been completed at such a terrific speed!

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