Superstars find a new supporter in Vellappally Nadesan

Feb 26, 2010 NR

Mavelikkara, Feb.27 (NR): The Azhikode v/s Superstars duel that has been going on for the last few days saw a new twist yesterday with Vellappally Nadesan, the SNDP Yogam General Secretary turning vociferous against Azhikode.

Nadesan said there was nothing wrong in Azhikode commenting about the controversy that prevailed in the film industry. However, care should be taken in the way one handles one's language. Azhikode should not use language to make fun of someone's appearance.

Nadesan also said that it was ironic that Azhikode who was not much of a handsome man himself was ridiculing the glamorous superstars. He said that he was not interested in commenting any further on Azhikode's statements.

Nadesan also talked a few words about Thilakan and said that the controversy that prevailed at the moment was quite uncalled for. He added that Thilakan was speaking the way he was, only because he was a senior member of the film industry and that we need to simply let it go.


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