Suresh Gopi signs up for organ donation

Sep 27, 2009 NR

Cochin, Sep.27 (NR): Action superstar Suresh Gopi signed up to donate his organs on Saturday. He was attending the event jointly organised by the Heart Care Foundation and Criminological Society of India, at Ernakulam Paappaali Hall, in connection with the World Heart Day on Saturday.

In order to prove that his were not mere hollow words, Suresh Gopi also signed the agreement for organ donation, and accepted the donor card. He said that he hasn't sought the permission of his family in this regard, but for then, the permission of God would suffice.

Comedian Harisree Ashokan who was also present on the occasion, immediately followed up Gopi's act with an announcement that he would be donating his organs too. He even quipped that the person who would get to implant Suresh's organs might keep on uttering 'Shit' quite often. On the contrary, the person who would go for Ashokan's organs might have the time of his life, laughing out aloud round the clock. Click the Movie button below for more info:

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