T.V. Chandran on Vilaapangalkkappuram

Jul 21, 2008 NR

Noted director T.V. Chandran, who was recently in Thiruvananthapuram to show his newly completed film Vilaapangalkkappuram to an invited audience and the media, pointed out that Vilaapangalkkappuram took off from where his last Malayalam film Kathavasheshan had ended.

Speaking at a press-meet, attended also by producer Aryadan Shaukath and lead actress Priyanka, T.V. Chandran said that while Kathavasheshan ended depicting a girl who was raped and battered in communal riots, Vilaapangalkkappuram took off from that image and followed a young girl who had been raped and left physically and mentally battered.

The director remarked that Vilaapangalkkappuram was a film to remind us of how young girls were constantly being exploited and traumatized in today's world. He said that the film should not be viewed from a communal or religious perspective, adding that it was not a film that talked about 'big' things, but one that discussed very ordinary, but very real issues.

Brushing aside questions as to whether Vilaapangalkkappuram would raise the hackles of fundamentalists, T.V. Chandran said similar questions were asked when his Paadam Onnu: Oru Vilaapam was released, but no such reaction was evident anywhere. It was seen as a film, a work of creativity and he hoped that it would be the same with Vilaapangalkkappuram.

Reacting to queries from media-persons, T.V. Chandran said our filmmakers seemed to have lost all sense of purpose. He even went on to say that if our filmmakers asked themselves why they made films and had the courage to answer that question honestly, the recent spate of issues and crises that happened in our film bodies wouldn't have happened at all.

Speaking at the press meet, actress Priyanka (of Veyil fame) related how T.V. Chandran was impressed seeing clippings from Veyil and said that was how she was selected for the lead role in Vilaapangalkkappuram. She also recounted how the journey to Gujarat in the course of shooting for the film proved to be an eye-opener for her. When she got the chance to come face to face with the trauma suffered by many women and young girls in the course of the post-Godhra riots, she was shocked, she said.

Producer Aryadan Shaukath who also did the story for Vilaapangalkkappuram, said he planned to have the film released by the end of August, adding that talks are in progress with distributors. His earlier productions were Paadam Onnu: Oru Vilaapam and Deivanaamaththil.

Vilaapangalkkappuram, produced under the banner of Clear Images, also has in the cast Suhasini, Biju Menon, Irshad, Sudheesh, M.R.Gopakumar, Thilakan, Nandu, Indrans, Sreeraman, Praveena, Roslin etc.

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