Tesni Khan gets busier by the day!

Aug 2, 2012 NR

Cochin, Aug.2 (NR): That Tesni Khan, comedienne and character actor, has not been offered roles that befit her potentials in the Malayalam film industry, is something that everyone in the Malayalam film industry agrees on.

However, ever since 'Beautiful' happened to her, things have started changing for Tesni, and she is getting busier by the day. She had also done a key role in the film 'Kunjaliyan' that was much appreciated.

Tesni has done a very interesting role in the film 'Trivandrum Lodge' that has been directed by V K Prakash. She would also be seen in Dileep's 'Mr. Marumakan' and Mammootty's 'Thaappana'. Click the Movie button below for more info:
Trivandrum Lodge


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