The wife who swept the box-office away!

Sep 6, 2008 VN

Hits at the Malayalam box office have been quite sparse this year, as the truant monsoon. Barring a triumphant Annan Thampi or a modest Madambi none of the other films have been able to jingle the cash counter bells. Which is why, the unanticipated surprise win of 'Veruthe Oru Bharya', an unassuming film with very little pre-release hype, has stunned the trade circles.

Directed by Akku Akbar, 'Veruthe Oru Bharya', has Jayaram and Gopika in key roles. The film, about a discontented wife caught in the throes of a miserable marriage with an insensitive husband, brings in an almost Shyamal-esque (reminiscent of Sreenivasan's classic, 'Chinthavishtayaya Shyamala') impact on the spectator.

'Veruthe Oru Bharya' had quite a few odds pitted against its having a decent run at the box-office. The foremost one being the massive dent in its lead star Jayaram's career of late, that had witnessed almost all his films flopping left, right and centre.

However, things started looking up, as a promo song that was aired on the television channels became an instant hit with the masses. The song, 'Manjil Kulikkum' penned by Sharath Vayalar and set to a catchy tune by Shyam Dharman became a huge rage within no time, and had film enthusiasts looking forward to the film's release.

The chartbuster had Jayaram at his mimicking best, aping a range of stars from Mammooty and Mohanlal to Suresh Gopi and the evergreen legendary hero, Prem Nazir.

'Veruthe Oru Bharya' made a very humble start, but the mouth publicity that the film had managed to garner over the first week, proved lucky for the film. The film has been considered a safe hit in two weeks, with the audiences driving in flocks to the theatres.

Though the story that it tells is no spectacularly different, the film is a refreshing watch for its dynamically distinct depiction of real life characters. Crisp and often quite sharp, it's a far cry from those muddled comic capers that had been getting released every other week, and that had the viewers running for cover.

It's celebration time for Jayaram who has had his first hit in the last several years. And for Gopika too, who with a resounding performance, couldn't have chosen a better film to sign off an enviable career.

The actress had recently got married to Dr. Ajilesh, and had bid adieu to films, as of now.

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