Theatre door breaks down in the rush to watch 'Electra'

Dec 13, 2010 NR

Trivandrum, Dec.13 (NR): The crowd that had gathered to see Shyamaprasad's latest film 'Electra' at the IFFK being held here was one of the biggest ones in the Festival so far.

When the theatre door was finally opened to the delegates, there was such a huge rush, that one of the glass doors of the Kairali theater was smashed.

The film was then screened before a packed audience with delegates occupying every corner of the hall.

Director Shyamaprasad himself was present on the occasion and said that he was happy to present his film before an audience as this before it was actually released in theaters.

He also wished that there would be an equally enthusiastic response when the film is released in theaters. Click the Movie button below for more info:

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