Thilakan to produce big budget films with Vinayan

Feb 20, 2010 NR

Vaikom, Feb.21 (NR): There seems to be a new twist in the Thilakan tale, with the actor declaring that he would be producing big budget films with director Vinayan.

Thilakan was speaking at a program organized by Yuvakalasaahithi yesterday.

He said that these films would have no superstars. He himself would act in major roles in his films along with several other actors.

Thilakan said that he aimed to build up another film world parallel to today's scenario that is being controlled by superstars and associations. The financial support would be offered by those who are currently supporting him in this controversy.

The senior actor made it clear that he would not surrender before AMMA. He said that he was certainly not wrong in what he has done, and hence there was no question of tendering an apology.

The actor has been caught up in a controversy for the last couple of weeks, with him alleging that the industry was being ruled and ruined by superstars. It has come to a point, when he stands the danger of being expelled from both the chief film organizations in the state, AMMA and FEFCA.


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