Time for the Associations in the industry to do an introspection, says Sathyan Anthikkad

May 31, 2010 NR

Kollam, May.31 (NR): Director Sathyan Anthikkad who has gained much acclaim for his latest woman oriented film 'Katha Thudarunnu' says that actresses aren't sincere anymore.

He was interacting with media persons after a special screening of his film for the media, at Kollam Press Club.

He said that after Urvasi, there are few actresses in Malayalam who have remained sincere to their profession. Sathyan also said that its possible to make films without superstars, but its impossible for him to make a film without KPAC Lalitha, Innocent and Maamukkoya.

The director also said that its high time the different associations in the film industry did an introspection. They should always remember that only if there is cinema, would these associations exist.

Crores of rupees are lost every year in the industry. Efforts to improvise the current situation have to be put in first.

Sathyan also remarked that if he felt that Thilakan fits into a role in one of his future films, he would definitely offer the role to the actor. This is certainly not an unresolvable issue, he said. Click the Movie button below for more info:
Katha Thudarunnu


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