Twenty Twenty to releases tomorrow!

Nov 3, 2008 NR

The latest buzz about AMMA's prestigious dream project Twenty Twenty is that the film will hit screens on Wednesday, the 5th of November.

Most of the reports that came earlier had said that the film, which was due for release on October 24th and then was postponed and re-scheduled to be released on October 30th, would finally find its way to the theatres on November 7th, Friday.

The reports streaming in at present say that the multi-starrer movie, which has in the cast almost all the leading stars in Malayalam, will be released on November 5th. The reports also say that Twenty Twenty, directed by hit maker Joshi and produced by Dileep's Graand Productions for AMMA, will be released in as many as 120 screens all across Kerala. The first show of the film on the release day will be at 9.30 a.m. at all the release centers. So, if these reports are correct, it's just a matter of a couple of days for Twenty Twenty to be here.

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