What's wrong in expressing one's opinions, asks Prithvi

Dec 15, 2010 NR

Cochin, Dec.16 (NR): Young superstar Prithviraj doesn't understand what is wrong with expressing one's opinions.

In an interview with a prominent film magazine, Prithvi said that every individual has the right to express their opinions. What is wrong is not expressing it.

"What's the value of living a life in which, you never try to know anything, and you never try to get involved in anything? I sympathise with such people, and I am not sure if I could love them entirely either," says Prithvi.

"My statements are often controversial. But I am not trying to be deliberately controversial. If I feel something, I would rather tell it, since I don't like to walk around with a heavy heart," the actor added.

Prithvi is all excited about his latest film 'Urumi', directed by Santhosh Sivan and is lookin forward to its release.

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