'Yakshiyum Njanum' producer against Vinayan

Sep 21, 2010 NR

Cochin, Sep.21 (NR): Vinayan, the director who has almost become isolated in the Malayalam film industry after his battles with various film organizations seems to have angered one of the few supporters he had left.

Rueben Gomez, the producer of his latest film 'Yakshiyum Njanum' has lashed out against the director and said that the director is the major reason why he had incurred severe losses, because the film was never finished on the proposed initial budget.

The producer also says that Vinayan had tried to sell off the copyrigts of the film to Tamil and Telugu producers without his knowledge.

In a press conference at Cochin, Reuben also alleged that Vinayan had asked him to manhandle FEFCA President B Unnikrishnan. The director, says Reuben has some tricks to trap small time producers like himself, and that's how he came under Vinayan's spell.

Vinayan has denied all the allegations and has said that Reuben is making all the false accusations because he has been given Mammootty's dates for his next production.

He also says that the film could never be a loss, since it was made on a budget of 2 crores. The satellite rights would bring in about 1.10 crores, and another crore would come in from the theatre collections. Vinayan also asked how the producer could conclude that the film is a flop, when the film is still running in the theatres. Click the Movie button below for more info:
Yakshiyum Njanum


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