Mridula Murali to Bollywood to don Captain Lakshmi

Oct 29, 2016 SJ

Mridula Murali makes her entry into Bollywood. When Lakshmi Sahgal’s, (commonly referred to in India as "Captain Lakshmi") life story is filmed, Mridula Murali will play the role of Captian Lakshmi.

Lakshmi Sahgal was a revolutionary of the Indian independence movement, an officer of the Indian National Army, and the Minister of Women's Affairs in the Azad Hind government.

The movie titled ‘Raag Desh’ is written and directed by National Award winner Tigmanshu Dhuliya. Mohit Marwah and Kunal Kapoor also do prominent roles.

Fahad Fazil’s ‘Ayal Njanalla’ and Chemban Vinod Jose’s ‘Shikhamani’ are Mridula’s main films in Malayalam.

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