Actor Ajith Kumar heads for Cannes

May 10, 2008 NR

Chennai, May 10 (IANS) Tamil actor Ajith Kumar is headed for Cannes where his movie "Billa" will be screened.

"Kumar is sure of a grand reception for the movie when it will be screened May 18 in Grey Three screen. Probably, this is the only movie in the world re-made thrice," the actor's publicist said.

Made in Hindi starring Amitabh Bachchan in 1978 as "Don" - it has had three remakes. The first in Tamil as "Billa" starring Rajnikanth, later in original title in Hindi starring Shah Rukh Khan and finally in Tamil again featuring Ajith Kumar.

Film personalities familiar with Cannes pointed out that a multiple remake will have more than a curiosity value there.

Since the movie resuscitated his career, Kumar is bearing the costs of an all-expenses-paid holiday in the French Riviera for the "Billa" team, which is set to fly to Paris Saturday, his publicist added.

Movie distribution major Moser Baer will have a stall at Cannes following the interest generated for its products last year.

The company is hoping for a champagne reception for its several Indian products, including a few Tamil movies it acquired recently, sources from the firm said.

The head of its southern operations, Dhananjayan, is sure of making his presence felt in Cannes.

Another Cannes' hopeful is P.L. Thenappan, another remake specialist. This producer, whose Tamil success "Priyasakhi" remade in Hindi with Salman Khan as "Shaadi Karke Phans Gaye Yaar" was noticed, expects a good international market for his future projects following the critically acclaimed Kerala state award winner "Punarjani" starring Mohan Lal's son Pranav.

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