Ajith, does it again

Sep 12, 2011 PS

Once again, our 'thala' Ajith has proved that he is indeed the King of the Kollywood Box Office!

Ajith, whose 50th film 'Mankatha', has met with resounding success at the BO, is probably on cloud nine. While his last release, more than a year and a half back, 'Asal', did not drive audiences to the theatre in droves, 'Mankatha' has had audiences coming back for seconds and thirds.

He has always remained elusive to the media and never taken part in the marketing promotions and publicity that most stars do. In fact, the audio for 'Mankatha' was released by the director, Venkat Prabhu and the music director, Yuvan Shankar Raja. Despite Ajith staying away from any promotional activities, the hype and buzz around this movie was extraordinary. And being his 50th film, the curiosity factor was really high for his fans and others. The movie has grossed more than Rs 35 crores and its songs continue to reign in the music charts.

At the same time, 'Mankatha', is doing a roaring business in Andhra Pradesh as well. The film, which was dubbed into Telugu and released as 'Gambler' has been a hit with the audiences there. Moreover, it is the latest in a series of Tamil films to have tasted success at the AP box office. Earlier this year, dubbed Tamil flicks big and small like Jiiva's 'Ko' ('Rangam' in Telugu), 'Naan Mahaan Alla' ('Naa Peru Shiva') and 'Mynaa' ('Prema Khiladi') became success stories at the box office and now, K-Town film makers have grown so confident of their film's chances in Telugu that they are shooting Telugu versions of their films as well. Click the Movie button below for more info:

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