'Anniyan' breaks all records

Jul 19, 2005 Aparna Nath, Jul 19

Chennai, July 19 (IANS) Shankar's "Anniyan" is really rocking and breaking all records, not only in Tamil Nadu but in all the southern states. It has even beaten Rajnikant's "Chandramukhi".

The top five Tamil films are:

1. "Anniyan" (Directed by Shankar): There is no word to describe the success of "Anniyan" but amazing. Vikram's standing is now at its peak.

2. "Chandramukhi" (Directed by P. Vasu): Rajnikant's comeback film is still running, and at number two.

3. "Ullam Ketkume" (Directed by Jeeva): The two small films that have surprised many are "Ullam Ketkume" and "Arindum Ariyamalum". Shaam, whose career was almost finished when this film happened, is back in the reckoning with a bagful of films.

4. "Arindum Ariyamalum" (Directed by Vishnuvardhan): Another surprise hit like "Ullam Ketkume". This film has marked the arrival of a new hero called Arya.

5. "Kanaa Kandein" (Directed K.V. Anand): Though not a huge hit, Anand's debut continues to do decent business in cities.

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