Anushka had tough time with FEFSI protesters at AVM Studios

Aug 27, 2012 PGV

The shooting of Director Suraaj’s ‘Alex Pandian’ starring Karthi and Anushka is under way at AVM Studios in Chennai. There was shooting on Aug.24 also. Make-up woman Charu Sharma was doing make-up for Anushka in her caravan. Local Make-Up Union members and members of the Film Employees Federation of South India (FEFSI) numbering in all about 50, gathered around the caravan and objected to Anushka’s engaging a private make-up woman from Mumbai in violation of the rules of FEFSI. They contended that they would be rendered jobless if private. Make-up men or women were employed by actors on their own and insisted that only the services of members of their ‘Sangam’ should be used. Anushka confronted them saying Charu Sharma is a member of the Mumbai union and stood firm that Charu alone would work for her. This triggered heated arguments between Anushka and FEFSI members resulting in the shooting being interrupted for more than one hour. The producer’s side intervened and pacified Anushka and the protesters who later dispersed after getting an assurance from the producer’s side that henceforth only members of the FEFSI would be employed. Click the Movie button below for more info:
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