Billa 2 release conundrum

Jun 19, 2012 PGV

The date of release of Ajith-starrer Billa 2 is still appears uncertain. Before the film went to the Censors, it was said the film would release on June 22 along with Karthi-starrer ‘Saguni’.

Reservations have already started for ‘Saguni’. As for Billa 2, newspaper advertisemenets say 'releasing soon'. With no firm date of release is yet to be known, the distributors are in a quandary. Director Chakri Toleti and producer Sunir Kheterpal of In Entertainment reportedly had a closed-door meeting last weekend and sent word to the distributors that the release date might be pushed forward.

The film was sent to the Censor Board last Thursday and it was cleared the next day giving it an ‘A’ certificate on the premise of “violent theme and presentation”.

Toleti tweeted: “Bill 2 has been censored ‘A’ with no major cuts”.

Putting Toleti’s statement in perspective, producer Kheterpal tweeted: “Billa 2 censor certification process not over yet. Will not compromise on film cuts. Next step only after getting certification”.

It is rumoured that the Censor Board has been moved to reconsider the certification issue and that the makers would be satisfied with U/A. There is also speculation that there are some technical problems which need to be fixed. The confusion is confounded with the makers remaining tightlipped. Perhaps, they are waiting for the Censor Board to make its final decision known. Still there are three days to go for the film to release as scheduled and one cannot possibly rule out June 22 and say ‘Advantage Saguni’.

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