Bodhidharma segment in '7aum Arivu' is authentic, says Murugadoss

Oct 17, 2011 PGV

The much talked about film today is '7aum Arivu' made by A.R. Murugadoss with Suriya in the lead. In a pre-release interview the unostentatious director came out with interesting facts about the eagerly awaited film of the year.

'The theme spells novelty,' he said. The 6th century segment is completely authentic and the rest is imaginary. 'My imagination takes wings only in the contemporary part of the tale'.

The first 20 minutes of the film cuts to the the 6th century when the indomitable Bodhidharma supposed to have lived. After this the film shifts to the present.

Murugadoss' interest in Bodhidharma was kindled when it was learnt that the Master hailed from Tamil Nadu.

Who was Bodhidharma? He was a Pallava prince who had renounced life and traveled to China, founded Zen Buddism and invented the martial art of Kung-fu. He spent nine years inside a cave meditating. Called Da Mo (Master) in China and Ta Mo in Japan, Bodhidharma was believed to have lived till the age of 150. That he is worshipped as a God in many parts of the word is evident from the fact that there is a Bodhidharma Mutt even in the US. Every Buddhist temple in China has Bodhidharma shrine to the left of the sanctum Sanctorum. In India itself, people know little about him. A lot more of his life remains unknown. 'I have used just a glass of water from a huge sea of intrigue,' Murugadoss said.

Bodhidharma 'is a master who deserves to be made known to our folks for his philosophy and the art form he created, particularly because he hail from here,' he added.

Murugadoss has plumped for his Gajjini hero Suriya for '7aum Arivu' because 'the role in 7aum Arivu needed a strong hero of the caliber of Suriya.

'The Shruti Haasan factor also has aroused curiosity about 7.' She is intelligent and beautical – 'a blend I was looking for'. Murugadoss said. She plays a scientist.

He has described as 'singular' the contributions made by Ravi K. Chandran and Rajeevan. Peter Hein has taken great pains to make the stunts ''genuine'. Harris Jayaraj (composer) has used 6th century instruments for the period segment.

The hype surrounding the film is so awesome that many others have pulled out of the Deepavali race, he claims.

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