Disappointment as Sonia Agarwal-starrer ONV gets 'U/A'

Jan 31, 2012 PGV

'Punnagaipoo' Geeta of S.G. Films Private Ltd, producer of Sonia Agarwal-starrer 'Oru Nadigayin Vaakkumoolam', is disappointed that the censors have given the film a U/A certificate. Geeta also acted in the film directed by Raj Krishna.

ONV tells how arduous it is for an actress to evolve into a heroine; she has to cross many hurdles to reach the top.

The hype surrounding ONV gave one the impression that it was so made as to make it as stirring and hot as 'Dirty Picture' which set the screen on fire with Vidya Balan's incredible performance.

Geeta believed that Sonia Agarwal's performance would be widely talked about and that ONV would receive critical acclaim from within the film industry itself. In any profession there is good and bad. So is in cinema, she says, adding that she recorded this very fact in ONV. Geeta's earlier productions 'Arindum Ariyamalum', 'Pattiyal','Kundaka Mandaka' and 'Narthaki' had no negative undercurrents. 'As a woman, I know the limits of glamour and I know what obscene is. I would never make a film crossing the limits.'

Geeta plans to make three films this year.

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