Endhiran 'Chitti' returns home

Feb 18, 2011 PS

Superstar Rajnikanth's screen portrayals have mesmerized million of his fans. One film which created the maximum flutter was 'Endhiran', and the robot named 'Chitti' caused a stir among audiences all over the world.

Now, after a long trip, the robot 'Chitti', has finally returned to Stan Winston Studios in Los Angeles where it was created. Over one hundred technicians from Legacy Effects were worked on constructing 'Chitti'. Now, 'Chitti' has returned by the shop which holds some of Hollywood's greatest creations, including the 'Terminator', 'Iron Man', and the special war machines from James Cameron's 'Avatar'. Interviews with Legacy Effects technicians who made and operated 'Chitti' will be on the special features of the Blu-Ray/DVD, which will be released soon.

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