Every director has his own individual style: Vishnu Vardhan

Jul 9, 2005 P.V.Sathish Kumar, Jul 9

Vishnu Vardhan has come a long way from a child artiste featured in "Anjali" and "Chathriyan"'. He is now a director in his own right having made two movies already. "Kurumbu' was his first venture and the second is "Arindhum Ariyamalum".

"Arindhum...' has turn out to be a super hit film which has catapulted Vishnu Vardhan to fame. Buoyed by the encomiums showered on him on the success of "Arindhum Ariyamalum", Vishnu Vardhan lost no time to launch his next project.

Taking time off his busy schedule of work on his next film and basking in the success of "Arindhum..." the young enthusiastic Vishnu gave an interview at his office the other day. Here are some interesting observations made by him during the interview:

How did he become interested in directing without being a hero after appearing in "Anjali" and "Chathriyan" as a child artiste?

I wished to become a director even when I was studying in the 10th class. I was a Loyola College student, did Visual Communication and then Advertising and Press Media. After completing these courses, "I approached Santhosh Shivan when he was shooting "Iruvar' in Madurai. I talked to him during the lunchtime. He wanted me to act in his next film "Terrorist". He was talking to me very casually with his hands on my shoulders. After accepting his offer, I expressed my desire to work with him. I then worked with him in "Terrorist", "Malli", and "Ashoka" in a row. The visuals and picturization of my "Arindhum Ariyamalum' has come in for praise, thanks to Santhosh Shivan. I have learnt a lot from him - directing, camera, editing, lighting, art direction.

What gave you courage to make two movies one after the other with new faces?

Though the new faces are no doubt a risk, there is also a plus-point in this. Those who have seen "Arindhum Ariyamalum" say there is a 'fresh feel' in it. This mainly because of the new faces. They would not have got the same feeling about the film with the old actors. Navdeep and Arya did very well and the viewers now praise them and say the two were cut out for their roles. "Kadhal" Sandhya was first mentioned as the heroine, but at the last minute, the deal fell through. The hero would also have been some top actor, but I had to wait for their dates. Before going to the shooting, I always keep the full script and A to Z DTP ready. So, if the script is good and you have confidence in the story, anyone can act and the film will be successful.

Who is "Punnagai Poo" Geetha and how you were able to find her?

The producer of "Arindhum Ariyamalum" is Geetha herself. Like our Suchithra, Geetha is very popular on Malaysia Radio and it was Malaysians who conferred the title "Punnagai Poo" on Geetha. She is our family friend and has been well known for a long time. After the song "Aasai Nooru Vagai" from the film "Kurumbu" became a hit in Malaysia, Geetha phoned me up and expressed her long-time wish to make a Tamil film. She requested me to make a film for her and gave me a free hand, as she was busy in Malaysia. It's like our home production. Everyone worked with full freedom. All this contributed to the success of "Arindhum Ariyamalum".

Yuvan Shankar Raja is the music director for your both: "Kurumbu" and "Arindhum Ariyamalum". Is he working specially for you?

Yuvan is very talented. We were both school friends. Even in his school days, Yuvan used to play all kinds of bizarre musical instruments. One day, when we were in the 8th standard, we used to cut jokes that "you would be my music director if I happen to make films." We worked hard together. Dance master Kalyan is my friend. Editor Sridhar Prasad did more than 500 films and won 17 national awards. All the technicians are the best people and all their hard work and talent is evident in "Arindhum Ariyamalum".

Who are the directors whom you like?

I can name no director in particular. I like all directors who make good films. I see all films with interest though I worked with Santhosh Shivan; I make films in my own style. Every director has his own individual style, which cannot be copied by others.

When are you starting your next film and where?

"Punnagai Poo" Geetha seems to like me to do the next film also here. Action subject and story discussions are going on. I am yet to decide on the cast as also the name of the film. The shooting may probably begin in September.

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