'I guess, I will turn producer someday': Simran

Apr 6, 2011 PS

Actress Simran, who celebrated her birthday recently, is a picture of contentment despite being away from the filmy circle for quite some time now. Perhaps her new-born baby has something do with it! Point out to her that she's been away from the arc lights and she replies, "It was just a comma. It wasn't a full stop."

The 'Vaali' actress adds further,'' Eventually, I guess I will turn producer. I've been in the film industry since 1995 — that's a very long time, coming to think of it. So, it's very hard for me to be at home, away from the industry that has given me name and fame. I'm waiting for the right time, though, to take the plunge. At the same time, I wouldn't want to do any movie as a comeback film. It's got to be something that excites me. So yes, I'm listening to a few scripts and will zero in on one soon. Also, I'm quite open to star in the small screen. In fact, when I was at my prime, I did a lot of TV, especially programs telecast during festivals. Now, the scene is bursting with huge opportunities and that's heartening to see,''.

''Though I am spending quite a lot of time with my family, I make it a point to be clued in to the trends in the film industry. It's refreshing to see real scripts getting showcased on the big screen. Directors like Gautham Menon and Venkat Prabhu to name a few, have done very interesting films,'' she discloses.

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