Jeyam Ravi in his first action flick

Jul 28, 2005 Aparna Nath, Jul 28


Chennai, July 28 (IANS) The entire 'Jeyam' family, and indeed the entire Tamil movie-going audience, is looking forward to Friday when Jeyam Ravi's third film "Dass" will be released.

Jeyam Ravi is the youngest, most successful and visible face of the family -- father Editor Mohan and elder brother 'Jeyam' Raja are not connected with "Dass", Jeyam Ravi's third film.

His first two releases "Jeyam" and "M.Kumaran s/o Mahalakshmi" did extraordinarily well at the box office. "Dass" is different from them because it is not a successfully tested formula - the other two were remakes from Telugu. Ravi is doing an original Tamil film for the first time.

Also, while the first two were romantic films, "Dass" is an action flick -- another unknown area for the young hero. Will the Tamil audience accept him as an action hero? No reason why they shouldn't, because he is tall and has the physique to be one.

"Dass" is directed by debutant director Babu Yogeswaran. Ravi plays a footballer called Dass in the film, which was first titled "Rascal". The actor took special training in football.

Though an action film, the basic theme of the film is the love affair between a Christian boy and a Hindu girl who are forced to take refuge in the house of a Muslim!

Malayali actress Renuka Menon plays Ravi's love interest in the film. After Gopika, Nayanathara and Asin, Renuka Menon is the next Malayali actor expected to dominate the Tamil scene.

Another highlight of the film is Yuvan Shankar Raja's music.

The top of the mind question is whether Jeyam Ravi will complete a hat-trick? Friday and the days after should provide the answer.

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