Jiiva is thrilled with the excellent opening of 'Ko'

Apr 25, 2011 PS

Actor Jiiva is thrilled with the good reviews for his latest venture 'Ko'. The actor has played the role of a photojournalist with ease and conviction left even the actual media persons amazed. A success party was thrown on the first day of the film's release and everyone from the producers to the entire cast and crew, celebrated with gusto. He even pleased with the 'palabishekam' conducted for his cut outs at the theatres. He smiles happily,'' I was overwhelmed with my fans response. I always loved the sight of 'palabishekam' being done at the theatres for other actors. I have become more conscious now. 'Ko' has taken me ten steps ahead in my career. This is a bigger success than KV Anand's earlier hit 'Ayan'. And now I have added a responsibility on my shoulders to deliver bigger hits than the current release,''.

Asked if he had done any homework for his role as photojournalist, he says,'' I am a gadget freak, so it was easier for me to handle the camera with ease and I observed some photographers before I started shooting. The shooting for 'Ko' was not boring as I was always with a camera and clicking photos on the sets''. Jiiva worked on his stylish look and girls call him 'cutie' after watching the film. Asked about this charming look, he replies,'' I was longing for such stylish look for a long time. Unlike my other looks this one is quite adorable. For the very first time, the director asked make-up man not to give me tanned look. My mom is happy with the cute look but my wife is a little insecure now. She says that I may get lots of female fans. Jokes aside, I am happy with the look. Finally I was able to charm girls'' he laughs.

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